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AV Referendum Briefing

AV Referendum Briefing

On the eve of the referendum on reform of the electoral system, Democratic Audit has published an AV Referendum Briefing. The Briefing reviews the evidence about how well the UK's current electoral system, generally known as 'first-past-the-post', is performing. It also examines opinion poll data over the course of four decades to consider whether there is evidence of long-standing public support for change.

The Briefing concludes that, whatever the result of the referendum on 5 May 2011, the long-standing debate about electoral reform in the UK will continue.

The Briefing, by Stuart Wilks-Heeg and Stephen Crone, can be downloaded via the link below.  

AV Referendum Briefing: Is-first-past-the-post working? An audit of the UK's electoral system

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