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Who Governs Merseyside? Event and Briefing Paper

Who Governs Merseyside? Event and Briefing Paper

Update: 7 October 2011 - the public vote on how has the power to shape public policy on Merseyside is now open (until noon on 14 October)

Update: 5 October 2011- download our Who Governs Merseyside? briefing paper

Twenty-five years on from the abolition of Merseyside County Council, who wields political power on Merseyside in 2011 and how are they accountable to local people?

These are the questions that a two-stage event at the Bluecoat, organised in conjunction with Democratic Audit, sets out to answer - with help from local experts, residents and, of course, the powerful themselves.

The process, which represents an amalgam of academic study, public inquiry and theatre, kicks off on 6 October 2011 at 6.30pm, when we ask a panel of local experts to discuss 'who’s got the power?’

Who Governs Merseyside? Part 1: Who’s got the power?

The Bluecoat, Liverpool; 6 October, 6.30-8pm.

A panel of experts offer their opinions on who has the power to shape public policy on Merseyside, with an opportunity for the audience to quiz the panel and make their own nominations for who has power locally.

Clare Dove MBE, Chief Executive, Blackburne House

Phil Knibb, Communiversity

Professor Richard Meegan, EIUA, Liverpool John Moores University

Roger Phillips, BBC Radio Merseyside

Lord Mike Storey CBE

Chair: Alastair Upton, Chief Executive of the Bluecoat

The event will also include a brief presentation by Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Executive Director of Democratic Audit, on key findings from a new Democratic Audit briefing paper - available to download below.

DOWNLOAD - Who Governs Merseyside? a Democratic Audit Briefing Paper by Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Dave Ellis and Alex Nurse.

 Who Governs Merseyside Part 2 will be held in late November, when power-holders, identified with the help of local people, are put under scrutiny.

Who Governs Merseyside? has been organised as part of the Bluecoat’s 'Democratic Promenade’ exhibition, 30 September - 27 November.

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